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10 Fantabulous Font Psychedelic for Your Creative Design

Loud, eccentric, trippy, and bizarre are descriptions you would say about font psychedelic. Many fonts establish minimalistic natures, but this font is just the opposite. If you are bored with the mainstream trend, this font should be your choice!

We have some outlandish recommendations that might be to your liking. Let’s check it out! 

What is Font Psychedelic?

Some of you might be new to this psychedelic typeface. This font refers to the art movement that flourished in the late 1960s. As a subculture art, psychedelics emerge as a counterculture during that era. It means this art serves as a protest against mainstream culture and establishes a new one. 

The art style has the characteristic of pursuing a state of altered consciousness as if taking drugs like mescaline and LSD. Hence, you easily recognize this style by its vibrant colors, surrealistic features, and “hallucination” traits. 

Furthermore, psychedelic art establishes sub-genres in many art media, like music or typography. As a result, you might feel familiar with or nostalgic for this art even though you likely haven’t been born in the 1960s. 

10 Recommendations for Font Psychedelic

Let’s take a look at our top picks of psychedelic typefaces that can inspire you to create an outstanding design!

1. Nevolide

The Preview of Nevolide Display Font

Nevolide Font from Ryantype is a modern display typeface that attracts your audiences with its strong retro letterforms. This font is versatile for numerous classic modern design projects of logos, invitations, brandings, stationeries, wedding designs, and social media posts. 

2. Cosmed Retro

Cosmed Retro Psychedelic Font

Cosmed Retro font is a fun-looking psychedelic font. It has elements of psychedelic traits but also elaborates in distinctive ways. You can recognize the font by its characters’ wavy shapes and chunky weight. 

If you’d like to make fun and adventurous design, Cosmed Retro font would be a perfect choice. Not to mention, it brings nostalgia to the childhood memories.  

3. Morgan Flower

Morgan Flower Serif Display Font

Elevate your design with this groovy serif display font! Morgan Flower font is ready to bring your art to the next level. This font will catch people’s attention with its trippy letterform and free-spirit ornament style. 

Many retro designs will fit with this font, for example, album posters, covers, headings, and funky logos.  

4. Sixties Hippie

Quirky Sixties Hippie Display Font

Sixties Hippie font is a font psychedelic that features a retro look with a groovy design. Its wavy characters and high contrast weight are minimalist psychedelic but feel voguish and playful. You can apply this bold font for t-shirts, mugs, or merchandise designs.

5. Endstart

 Endstart Modern Psychedelic Font

Endstart font is a display font that you can utilize for various designs and typography. It has bold and vintage vibes in its design. Thus, it would fit retro or adventurous designs, like hiking brands, summer posters, cover books, and retro logos.  

6. Surreal Psychedelic Font

Surreal Psychedelic Font

Another psychedelic font online you should consider is Surreal Psychedelic font. Its name represents the artsy yet surreal design it has.  Moreover, it gives off the vibe of the 60s with wavy and whimsical letterforms. Thus, this attractive font will turn your design into a striking one. 

7. Rumley Moon

The Preview of Rumley Moon Font

Rumley Moon font is a rad and lively display font. It may seem to look a bit quirky and childish. However, it has bold and funky vibes that bring back nostalgia for those who see it. Moreover, it can blend well with various projects and beautify your design. 

8. Cosmic Hippie

The Preview of Cosmic Hippie Font

Cosmic Hippie font embodies elements of font psychedelic. It has chunky rounder letters’ shapes and styles which exude a sense of free-spirited, and playfulness. If you want to create retro-hippie designs with some nostalgic tone in album covers, brochures, or merchandise and posters, you should try applying this font!

9. Psychedelic Vibes

The Preview of Psychedelic Vibes Typeface

Thick, groovy, and oddball are the correct words for this font. Psychedelic Vibes font allows you to create an extraordinary design. How so? Well, its characters are not only slightly curvy and trippy which makes it impressive. But, it is also bold while maintaining adequate legibility. 

Additionally, its extra glyphs will give an additional charm to your design. 

10. Bloom Minded

Bloom Minded Psychedelic Display Font

The Bloom Minded font is a psychedelic typeface that is just right to create an eye-catching title, display, and heading for various design projects. Its letterform patterns represent the soul of psychedelic which is eccentric. However, the font still provides clear legibility, making it fit for diverse kinds of projects. 

Create Your Stellar Design with the Best Font Psychedelic!

The free-spirited ’60s style has an unusual charm that captivates many people. That’s why you can bring out that atmosphere by adding a psychedelic font to your design. 

Moreover, not only does it allow you to evoke nostalgia with retro design, but you can also establish a new trend in graphic design. 

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